Our ANPR mobile parking control methods are patented

AFS2R offers intelligent traffic control solutions in order to enforce parking regulations (car parks, paid parking, obstructive parking, long-stay parking), traffic management (reserved or trucks prohibited lanes), and mandatory stops (pedestrians zones, red lights or Stop signs).

AFS2R is committed to technical innovations related to urban mobilities & smart cities. We patented methods merging ANPR technology with mobile sensors enabling operators to reach high efficiency levels in road management.

Our automatic ANPR vehicle allow a digital assistance during the treatment and the ticketing of car parking offences from the collection of datas in the field to the edition of offences tickets and fines.



The first mobile ANPR in Argentina was delivered by AFS2R. Indeed, it’s the first mobile ANPR parking enforcement automated system in South America. It is currently being operated by AFS2R and our local integrator MOVYPAY. Cordoba, is the second biggest largest city of the country, with 1 million 500 000 inhabitants and 8 000 parking slots. Our systems reach their full potential making more than 1500 controls per hour – locals named the device MOVYSCAN. So Movyscans, prime objective is to increase parking payments. Additional Movyscans will be deployed soon in all the continent.


” We had less agents on the field. 6 month ago, we began at 17 and now we are only 4. The AFS2R mobile ANPR system helped us to manage staff drop, avoid verbal altercation or physical violence and enhance the communication between parking control services and road users. AFS2R mobile ANPR system has not been acquired to replace humans, it only facilitates the controller’s mission. ”

Fabrice MICOURAUDCCTV Manager, City of Brive-la-Gaillarde - France

“Thanks to AFS2R mobile systems, our job becomes more technical and modern. The device gives users an additional incentive to perform well. Daily street violence against control teams are now rare. Officers work on local security mission instead of editing fines, that strengthen the link with community members. It’s like a digital revolution for us.”

Marc LOPEZTraffic control agents team manager, City of Pau - France

” We won some comfort using ANPR vehicle. When it’s raining, we stay dry, when it’s hot, we stay cool, whatever the weather is, during the winter or during the summer, we work in better conditions. We now control larger areas and monitor sensitive issues such as disabled parkings, delivery zones…”

Jérôme BAILLETraffic control agent, City of Marseille - France

“There is no more mistakes when editing fines. The ANPR mobile system imposes double checks for each data collected in the field. Indeed, the municipal police can identify usurped licence plates. Fraudster who stole the identity of other road users in order to avoid fines are automatically detected.”

AnonymeTraffic control agents team leader - France

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